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SUNY New Paltz Center for Middle East Dialogue Center For Middle East Dialogue

For important material from the Runnymede Trust on its reports, Islamphobia and the Future of Multi-ethnic Britain, go to The Runnymede Trust

Here is an excellent Directory of resources for the academic study of Islam Go to Academic Information on Islam

Here is a University Department of Religion site from Rutgers designed to 'advance research in matters of religion' Go to Virtual Religion Index- Islamic Studies

Statement on Christian-Muslim Relations by the Alliance of Baptists Christian-Muslim Relations

Response to A Common Word by the Baptist World Alliance Baptist World Alliance

The Common Word initiative, Jordan  A Common Word

National Council of Christian Churches in the USA response to A Common Word Ecumenical Response

Dr Bernhard J Trautner's page, Institute for Intercultural and International Studies at Bremen University Dr Bernhard Trautner at InIIS

Visit this resource for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Useful essays and links on Christian-Muslim Relations

Several Sufi orders have homepages. Here are links to the Homepage of the Naqshbandi, Qadiri-rifai and Nimatullahi orders. The Naqshbandi were founded by Muammad Baha'uddin Uwaysi al-Bukhari, or Shah Naqshband (1317 - 1389) Go to the Naqshbandi-Haqqani Sufi Order of America. The Qadiri-rifai are a Turkish order Go to this Sufi site. The Nimatullahi were founded by Shah Wali Mi‘mat Allah (d 1431) Go to this site

The International Association of Sufis has an excellent site with lots of useful links Go to the IAS site. See the ias Women's page at the Sufi Women Organization

See for Insight on Islam and the Middle East including contributions from distinguished scholars and academics.
The Islam City in Cyberspace site is a useful tool for research on many aspects of Islam Go to Islam City

The Islam Net site has extensive resources, some designed especially for Non-Muslims and for New Muslims. As well as renderings of the Qur'an into various languages, this site has Qur'an and Hadith search engines, examples of Tafsir (exegesis) as well as Tajweed (recitation) and many excellent articles Go to Islam World

For searching the Qur'an, try the search engine at (browse down the page to locate this facility) Go to Quran Browser

Here is a search engine for the hadith, the sayings and acts of Muhammad Go to hadith browser

This is an excellent site for exploring Islamic art and architecture Go to this site.

Here is the World Council of Churches' document on Christian-Muslim relations, which I helped to draft Go to Ecumenical Considerations on Chrisitian-Muslim Relations. More recently, the WCC has published Striving Together: A Muslim-Christian Call to Reflection and Action Go to this document
Here is a site offering basic facts and information on Islam Go to A Virtual World of Islam

For Christian apologetic aimed at Muslims, see the Answering Islam site Go to this site . Answering Christianity is a Muslim site responding to Christian apologetic. It has a lot of material by the South African Muslim preacher, Ahmed Deedat Go to Answering Christianity.

There are several academic Institutions affiliated to major universities specializing in Islamic Studies. These include: the Center for Christian-Muslim Understanding at Georgetown University,  Washington DC Go to the CMCU The Centre for Islamic Studies at the University of Wales, Lampeter has an internet resource guide, Pathways, linked to the Islam Web Ring Go to Pathways at the CIS . The Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies publishes Journal of Islamic Studies Go to the OCIS

Daniel Pipes' site has an archive of his articles on Islam, politics and international relations with a focus on the Middle East. He is Director of the Middle East Forum and a widely published columnist Daniel Pipes

This is the official web site of the Nation of Islam Go to the Nation of Islam

A site on Liberal Islam. Articles cover such topics as sexual ethics, human rights, Islam and Reason Go to Zeeshan Hasan's Web Site

This is an educational site with material and articles on a wide range of topics, such as Islamic history, government, human rights, gender, the role of Muhammad Go to Islam101. This site is maintained by the Sabr Foundation.

Also maintained by the Sabr Foundation, is a useful resource for the Gospel of Barnabas (including its text). Many Muslims beleive that this is the only authentic gospel.

The Islamic Perspectives site includes a review of two of my books and has much useful material Islamic Perspectives

 John of Damascus on Islam - one of the earliest examples of Christian apology/polemic  John of Damascus on Islam

One of the earliest examples of a conciliatory approach to Islam by the Nestorian Patriarch, Mar Timothy I   Timothy's Apology

Iranian born Seyyed Hossain Nasr, University Professor at Georgetown, Washington, is a leading advocate of perennial philosophy, spirituality and traditional Islam The Nasr Foundation

Abdol Karim Soroush has been described as the Martin Luther of Islam. A progressive, reformist thinker who advocates democracy and the civil society, he writes and teaches in Iran. This site is dedicated to his work Abdol Karim Soroush.

Here is a site dedicated to the secularization of Islamic Society. Topics include Islamic Skeptics, Separation of Church and Mosque. The Institute for the Secularization of Islamic Society believes "that Islamic society has been held back by an unwillingness to subject its beliefs, laws and practices to critical examination, by a lack of respect for the rights of the individual, and by an unwillingness to tolerate alternative viewpoints or to engage in constructive dialogue". The Institute for the Secularisation of Islamic Society (ISIS) was " formed to promote the ideas of rationalism, secularism, democracy and human rights within Islamic society". Go to the ISIS homepage

While ISIS (above) fully endorses the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, some Muslims subscribe to the Islamic Declaration of Human Rights, adopted at the International Conference on the Prophet Muhammad, London, April 12 - 15, 1980 Go the Islamic Declaration of Human Rights

A group of women from Muslim backrounds, including the Bangladeshi author, Taslima Nasrin (a political refugee; see her official site Nasrin's homepage) wrote the Declaration of Women's Rights in Islamic Societies Go to this Declaration. There is also a link to this declaration from the ISIS site.

The Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy aims to promote democracy and democratic discourse within the Mulsim world. Its Mission statement is a useful summary of the view that Islam is compatible with democracy Go to CSID

The Islam 21 site is maintained by the International Forum for Islamic Dialogue, which is committed to dialogue, tolerance of diversity and recognises that there is a 'human element' in religious thought. Articles include contributions on modernity and also on post-modernity. Visit Islam 21

Muslim American Society has many informative and useful articles. Its Freedom Foundation aims to: To build an integrated empowerment process for the American Muslim community through civic education, participation, community outreach, and coalition building; to forge positive relationships with other institutions outside of our community, that will ensure and facilitate the protection of civil rights and liberties for American Muslims and all Americans Go to the Muslim American Society.

Excellent resources on Christian-Muslim relations by Joseph Kenny, OP (Dominican Publication) Go to Views on Christian-Muslim Relations

There is much debate on whether Islam and Democracy and Human Rights are compatible. The website of the Religious Consultation on Population, Reproduction Health and Ethics has lots of material from a Muslim perspective. See Riffatt Hasan's article, 'Members, One of Another, gender, Equality and Justice in Islam' Go to Riffatt Hasan

Continuing the debate about Islam and Democracy, in this essay Mohamed Elhachmi Hamdi argues that Islamic democracy is a 'Westernized Islam' and represents a contemporary form of colonialism. Thus, Muslim supporters of democracy are the darling of Western academics, such as John L Esposito and Robin Wright Go to Islam and Liberal Democracy: Its Limits

One of the most prolific and influential scholars last century was Abul A'la Maududi (or Mawdudi), born in India in 1903, died in Pakistan in 1979. Maududi founded the jamaati-i-islam, whose website is at Go to the Community of Islam. The jamaat's aim is the realization of its understanding of an Islamic state. Maududi, who rejected 'democracy' as a secular, human concept, was an ardent advocate of Political Islam. Some of his books are available online, at Maududi on line

While the Jamaat is active in the Indian sub-continent and within European Muslim communities of Sub-Continental origins, in the Arab speaking world and North Africa, its goals are shared by the Muslim Brotherhood. This religious-political movement began in Egypt in 1928. Islam, it says, 'is creed and state, book and sword, and a way of life'. Al-Ikhwan was banned in Egypt in 1954. Go to this site for information on this movement Al-Ikhwan

The hizb-ut-tahrir, Islamic Liberation Party, founded in 1952 by Sheikh Taqiuddin an-Nabhana (1909 - 1977), aims to establish Islamic government and a united Khilafate. The party is banned from many Muslim countries. Its site has online books and leaflets (also available in hardcopy from mainstream booksellers) - see A significant text is found at The Islamic State. The Draft Constitution (for an Islamic State) can be seen at Draft Constitution. (0nline magazine, books and hardcopy publications) promotes the ideals of the party Go to

Dr Azzam Tamimi directs the Institute of Islamic Political Thought, based in London. He is the author of several books, including Rachid Ghannouchi: A Democrat Within Islamism (OUP, 2001) and has reviews and articles on his website go to the ii-pt

Another popular movement started in India is the non-political renewal movement, Tablighi Jamaat. In this essay, Barbara Metcalf discusses Tablighi with reference to its record on women's rights Barbara Metcalf

The Authors' page of the Islamic Interlink site has many useful on-line resources by classical and contemporary writers Islamic Interlink Muslim Authors' Index

Among many sites discussing women in Islam, see the Muslim Women's Homepage Go to this homepage The Muslim Women's Homepage states that, "Misinformation and misconception about Muslim women proliferate in the world today among non-Muslims and Muslims. I hope that instead of falling into the typical stereotypes and cultural innovation, the information here will pique your interest and help you to understand the true stance Islam takes on gender issues and the role of women."

The Bangla.2000 site has some excellent articles in its Islam section Go to

Here is another site on the topic of women in Islam. Among other articles, Mary Walker writes about how her own opinion on the status of Muslim women changed during her work as part of the production team for the BBC TV series, Living Islam produced and presented by Akbar Ahmed Go to Mary Walker's article

Here is a useful resource page on Political Islam by Vincent Ferraro at Mount Holyoke College Political Islam

Farid Esack has developed an Islamic theology of liberation and, with a bacjground in the South African struggle for racial justice has combined Qur'anic with Biblical study Go to Farid Esack's homepage

Omid Safi from University of North Caralina is a leading progressive Muslim scholar and activist within the American Academy of Religion Islam section Go to Omid Safi's site
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