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64 years old
Glens Falls, NY
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Peter Dean Nordquist here. An Islamic brother told me one time that my middle name has the same sound as Deen/Din in Islam, meaning "The Way". Peter of course means "Rock" and Nordquist used to be Johanson. But there were too many Johansons in Sweden once upon a time, and so they distinguished the more northerly as Johanson to the North, or North Branch (Nordquist) of the Johansons. Then Johanson was dropped and it became just Nordquist. My grandfather came from Sweden.

He married my grandmother from the lines of Webster / Drake. Then my father married my mother from the lines of LaFayette / Ide - allowing me to realize that I am related to everyone in Europe. At the same time, we suspect on my mother's side, that she is part Native American (Indian) - allowing me to realize that I am related to everyone in Asia as well.

After praying about this at length (the American Indian connection), I had a dream that I was sitting in a canoe with an American Indian Chief with the many Eagle feathers head dress. He pointed at my stomach and as he did so, I felt vibrations of being very close to nature that I associate with American Indians. The Indian chief said, "The reason that vibration is in you, is because you're part American Indian" (I think "belly" relates to lineage in a dream.)

The point about "lineage" has a lot to do with Christianity as referenced in the famous words of Jesus to Nicodemus, concerning being born again, or as some say "conceived again". This concept is understood in Kabballah as relating to the nefesh aspect of soul that is "in the blood". Some psychics see this as the electrical body of the new born baby that is passed on as an extension of the electrical body of the mother. It's like the hard drive that passes on memories from the ancestors into our physical body at birth.

God is the creator and Original Parent of All People. Why then is there a question or problem concerning lineage? Taoism recognizes the pure pre-birth Chi and that corruption is introduced into the post-birth Chi. Why? Check out what has developed into my comparative religion beginnings-of-an-exploration of the meanings of lineage in world religions at: (The third stage down the Trees of Life all relate to the physical body or lineage. This is a common meeting point in the Inter-religious Trees of Life. Notice that "T" and "M" cross there in the Jewish Tree and that the third guna is "Tam" in the Hindu Tree. . .Natural Array Tree was prefered by the Gaon of Vilna and Gershom Scholem prefered the oldest numeration of Yesod as 7 - relating to the 7th commandment - "Don't commit adultery", Joesph and Potiphar's wife and the male sexual organ and source of "living waters" etc. )

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